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West Virginia State Society of Anesthesiologists
October 29, 2018

1. Remember to vote. Some legislators understand the issues that affect patient care and impact anesthesiologists more than others. We want to elect legislators who support our patient care. Below is a picture of Congressman David McKinley visiting the operating rooms at WVU Hospital last week. He sponsored the ASA-endorsed legislation on opioid control and research that the house and senate approved and the president signed last week. The congressman, a professional engineer by background, was particularly impressed by the technology we use daily – hand-held ultrasound devices, BIS monitors and non-invasive cardiac output monitoring.

(L-R) Chad Sizemore, MD, Rep David McKinley, Bob Johnstone, MD
WVSSA legislative directors and officers can offer observations on candidates for the upcoming election to anyone wanting information.

2. Drs. Alex Skaff, Matt Ellison, Jim Cain, Brian Grose, Chad Sizemore and Bob Johnstone represented West Virginia anesthesiologists at the recent ASA Annual Meeting in San Francisco. Dr. Skaff also served as Secretary-Treasurer of the Mid-Atlantic caucus to which WVSSA belongs. News from the meeting:

14,254 members attended.
No increase in ASA dues for next year.
Linda Mason, MD became ASA President
Beverly Philips, MD was elected First Vice President
Greatest debate occurred over a statement on the Anesthesia Care Team – primarily over how to medical direct student nurse anesthetists. It was ultimately referred back for further consideration.
Delegates approved a budget of $52.7million
Educational products such as the ACE and SEE programs and services such as the Perioperative Surgical Home and Quality Institute remain as priorities.
The ASA unveiled a new logo and website, designed to refresh the organization and to better represent its members. The new ASA logo:

WVSSA representatives at an ASA House of Delegates meeting.

(L-R) Drs. Brian Grose, Matt Ellison, Jim Cain and Bob Johnstone

3. 2019 WVSSA officers

President Matt Ellison, MD (
President-elect Matt Delph, MD (
Immed Past-Pres Seth Crislip, MD
Sect-Treas Bob Johnstone, MD (
Asst Sect-Treas Brian Grose, MD
ASA Delegates Jim Cain, MD; Brian Grose, MD
ASA Alt Delgs Matt Ellison, MD; Chad Sizemore, MD
ASA Res Delg Grant Neely, MD
ASA Director Bob Johnstone, MD
ASA Alt Dir Alex Skaff, MD (
Legislative Dirs Alex Skaff, MD; Seth Crislip, MD

Newsletter editor Bob Johnstone

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