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West Virginia State Society of Anesthesiologists


August 28, 2017



WVSSA held its annual educational meeting last Saturday at the Greenbrier in White Sulfur Springs, WV. 20 anesthesiologists attended the educational meeting, each receiving 4.25 CME hours, and rating the program highly. Speakers included three from West Virginia University, two ASA officers and one from the University of North Carolina. The meeting was free for all WVSSA members.

Attendees listening to a lecture room at the Greenbrier, always a pleasant environment.


WVSSA held its annual business meeting on Sunday.


(L-R) Matt Ellison, MD – new WVSSA President; Jim Grant, MD – ASA President-Elect; Pavi Ranganathan, MD – WV anesthesiologist appointed by Dr. Grant to chair a national ASA committee; Bob Johnstone, WVSS meeting organizer

Items from the business meeting

  1. Attendees honored Seth Crislip, MD for completing two successful years as WVSSA President. Matt Ellison, MD began his term as WVSSA President.
  2. Matt Delph, MD was elected President-Elect.
  3. WVSSA has 187 active, 20 resident, 3 affiliate, and 5 student members. 124 of the active members have paid their 2017 dues.
  4. ASA President-elect Jim Grant challenged the society to increase both its 31 percent ASAPAC participation rate, and its overall membership rate. Drs. Jim Cain, Matt Ellison, and Matt Delph will organize visits to WV anesthesia practices, to explain the value of ASA membership. WVSSA members approved spending up to $5000 on this effort.
  5. The treasurer’s report showed WVSSA has $129,566.99 in assets – all in cash and certificates of deposit, and no liabilities, except whatever arises from the annual meeting.
  6. Expenses approved for next year include contributions of $250 to APSF, FAER, and WLM; $50 for Run for the Warriors to support the WVSSA team at the ASA Annual Meeting: and $50 to recognize a death in the family of a long-time WVSSA officer. Members would like to support a WV charity next year – WVSSA officers will present suitable possibilities at the 2018 annual meeting.
  7. The annual Mid-Atlantic Anesthesiology Resident conference will meet in WV in spring 2108. Members voted up to $1000 to support this meeting.
  8. WVSSA dues will remain $200 for 2018.
  9. Jim Cain, MD and Pavi Ranganathan, MD will help organize the 2018 WVSSA annual meeting. After considering many possibilities – Morgantown where WVU residents could attend, Charleston with legislator access, Stonewall due to its central location, and Greenbrier in conjunction with the state medical association – members decided to return to the Greenbrier. Its prominence attracted two ASA officers, Congressman Evan Jenkins who visited the meeting, and WVSSA members who like to play golf, hike and socialize.
  10. To facilitate attendance at the Greenbrier next year the WVSSA will contract for 15 rooms at a reduced rate.

A dinner scene from the WVSSA meeting at the Greenbrier. (L-R) Chad Sizemore, Jodie and Brian Grose, John Dombrowski (ASA Secretary), Jill Dombrowski, and Jim Grant (ASA President)

2018 WVSSA officers

President                     Matt Ellison, MD (

President-elect                        Matt Delph, MD   (

Immed Past-Pres        Seth Crislip, MD

Sect-Treas                  Robert Johnstone, MD   (

Asst Sect-Treas           Brian Grose, MD

ASA Delegates          Jim Cain, MD

Brian Grose, MD

ASA Alt Delgs           Matt Ellison, MD

Chad Sizemore, MD

ASA Res Delg            Payam Heiraty, MD

ASA Director              Bob Johnstone, MD

ASA Alt Dir                Alex Skaff, MD   (

Legislative Dirs          Alex Skaff, MD

Seth Crislip, MD



Bob Johnstone

Newsletter editor


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