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  1. The West Virginia legislature is in session. Members should watch for bills that could affect anesthesiology practices or patient safety. ASA staff members in the Washington DC office scan health bills as they are introduced and published, and alert WVSSA officers about pertinent ones. Find health-related bills at, Drs. Alex Skaff and Eric Persily, WVSSA legislative and regulatory liaisons, help us track legislative activities. Contact Drs. Skaff or Persily, or any WVSSA officer, for updates or to report information.
  2. 2014 WVSSA dues of $200 are now payable. WVSSA collects its dues in conjunction with ASA, so both can be paid with one check or credit card payment. To pay on line go to, and either log into MyASA as a member or click on Join ASA. Member Username is usually: First Initial Last Name and the Password is your ASA member number, found each month on your ASA Newsletter mailing label. If you have trouble with this, the WVSSA Secretary/Treasurer can e-mail you your member number. Members of either the state or national societies must be members of the other.
  3. 2014 Meetings
    1. ASA Practice Management, Dallas, Texas, Jan 24-26
    2. WV State Medical Association Annual Business Meeting & Physician Practice Conference, Charleston Marriott, Jan 24-25
    3. ASA Board of Directors Meetings, Schaumburg, IL, Mar 1-2 and Aug 16-17. Note: any ASA member can register and attend.
    4. ASA Legislative Conference, Washington DC, May 5-7. Let the WVSSA Secretary-Treasurer know if you would like to attend. WVSSA pays the registration and a small stipend for any member who attends and makes congressional visits.
    5. WVSSA Annual Meeting, White Sulfur Springs, WV, Aug 23-24. Note: This meeting is held in conjunction with the WV State Medical Association
    6. ASA Annual Meeting, New Orleans, LA, Oct 11-15. A reception for WVSSA members is planned for Saturday evening.
  4. ASA Political Action Committee. WVSSA works closely with ASA PAC, and supports the WVSMA PAC. Last year ASA PAC gave financial support to Reps Shelly Moore Capito and David McKinley. With many legislative challenges, ASA PAC contributions are a good way to support anesthesiology advocacy. 
  5. The Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services has announced a conversion factor of $22.58 for 2014. This compares with $ 21.74 for 2013. Find more information at, 
  6. WVSSA makes annual contributions of $200 to the Foundation for Anesthesia Education and Research and the Anesthesia Patient Safety Foundation on behalf of its members. This represents approximately 3 percent of annual WVSSA expenses. 
  7. WV delegates at the ASA Annual Meeting 


    (L-R) Drs. Brian Grose, Robert Johnstone, Alex Skaff in ASA House of Delegates

15,400 people attended the Annual Meeting. Delegates approved a budget of $44 million, and elected Dan Cole, MD ASA First Vice President. Find a short report on House of Delegates activities in the Jan issue of ASA Newsletter.

  1. WVSSA Officers

President                     Michael Panger, MD   (

President-elect            Seth Crislip, MD   (

Sect-Treas                   Robert Johnstone, MD   (

Asst Sect-Treas           Brian Grose, MD

ASA Delegates           Alex Skaff, MD

Brian Grose, MD

ASA Alt Delgs           Michael Panger, MD

Richard Driver, MD

ASA Res Delg            Drew Rodgers, MD

ASA Director              Robert Johnstone, MD

ASA Alt Dir               Alex Skaff, MD

Medicare MAC           Alex Skaff, MD   (

Legislative Rep           Eric Persily, MD  (

Robert Johnstone, MD, Newsletter Editor


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