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1. The WVSSA held its Annual Education and Business meeting at The Greenbrier on August 24 and 25. Sixteen anesthesiologists attended. Items of  interest:

  • Attendees rated the educational program  highly.

WVSSA Annual Education meeting 2013

Speakers (L-R) Drs. Richard Driver, John Abenstein, Katrina Briggs, Robert Johnstone (moderator), and Jerry Maccioli

  • WVSSA will hold its annual meeting in the same format next year, in conjunction with the State Medical Association Legislative meeting, probably August 23 and 24, the weekend before college football starts.
  • The WVSSA has 234 members on its roster. 125 have paid dues as active members this year, 2 as affiliate members, and 21 as residents. We have 21 retired members.
  • The treasurer’s report showed cash and certificates of deposit of $121,242 and no liabilities. CD balance on August 1 was $65,659.24. Revenues during the past year were $30,351, and expenses $20,642. RTanner Associates CPAs filed the society tax return with no tax due. After considering the positive financial position of the society, members voted to reduce annual dues to $200 for active members, $100 for affiliate members and to keep resident membership free. Formerly dues were $220 and $110.
  • Members voted to renew current policies concerning the ASA legislative conference, ASA annual meeting, website, newsletters, and contributions to the Foundation for Anesthesia Education and Research and the Anesthesia Patient Safety Foundation, while emphasizing continued fiscal discipline. Members endorsed no reception for WVSSA members this year at the ASA Annual Meeting in San Francisco because fewer WV anesthesiologists are likely to attend this west coast meeting.
  • 42 WV anesthesiologists have contributed so far this year to the ASA PAC. Those who have not yet contributed were encouraged to do so, due to the numerous advocacy challenges confronting anesthesiology. We presented PAC checks this year to Reps Shelly Moore Capito and David McKinley.
  • Alex Skaff, MD reported on the recent ASA Board of Directors meeting that he attended, as well as on political developments within WV. Of particular interest was that Evan Jenkins, a state senator and executive director of the WVSMA, is running for Congress against Nick Rahal in southern WV.
  • Brian Grose, MD was recognized for two years of outstanding service as WVSSA President.
  • Results of Officer Elections

President                     Michael Panger, MD

President-elect            Seth Crislip, MD

Sect-Treas                   RobertJohnstone, MD

Asst Sect-Treas           Brian Grose, MD

ASA Delegates           Alex Skaff, MD

                                    Brian Grose, MD

ASA Alt Delgs           Michael Panger, MD

                                    Richard Driver, MD

ASA Res Delg            DrewRodgers, MD

ASA Director              Robert Johnstone, MD

ASA Alt Dir               Alex Skaff, MD

Medicare MAC           Alex Skaff, MD

Legislative Rep           Eric Persily, MD

  • John Dombrowski, MD discussed anesthesiologists assistants at the business meeting. Dombrowski directs the ASA Committee on Communications and is medical director of the AA school in Washington DC. Drs. Mike Panger and Richard Driver will review the feasibility of their wider use in WV.
  • The annual meeting at the Greenbrier is a wonderful weekend for those who attend. Members present discussed how to engage more of their colleagues in society activities and increase attendance at the annual meeting. One idea under consideration is to offer free ACLS re-certification at the meeting next year.

WVSSA Annual Education reception 2013

Speakers and officers at a WVSSA reception. (L-R) John Dombrowski, MD, Alex Skaff, MD, Jerry Maccioli, MD, John Abenstein, MD, Robert Johnstone, MD, and Brian Grose, MD


2. Manny Vallejo, MD started this week as Chair of the WVU Department of Anesthesiology. Dr. Vallejo comes to WVU from the University of Pittsburgh, where he was Professor of Anesthesiology, and Director of Obstetric Anesthesia and the Obstetric Anesthesia Fellowship. He graduated from the WVU School of Medicine in 1992, and completed a PGY-1 year at WVU in Medicine and Pediatrics.


3. Members should receive first notice of 2015 dues during December, in case they want to time their payment for this year.


4. Numerous WV anesthesiologists will attend the ASA Annual Meeting in October, and the state medical meeting in January. Any member desiring to get together with other WVSSA members can contact the president or secretary for information.


Robert Johnstone, MD




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