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1. Annual Meeting. The WVSSA held successful educational and business sessions this past weekend at the Greenbrier. Lectures were excellent, highlighted by Art Boudreaux, MD, ASA Secretary, speaking on national anesthesiology issues.

 WVSSA leaders with speakers. (L-R) Drs. David Graf , Alex Skaff, Art Boudreaux, Tony Passannante, Bob Johnstone, Brian Grose.

  • Attending the meeting were anesthesiologists from Huntington, Charleston, Beckely, Parkersburg, Morgantown and Wheeling.
  • Dr. Grose reported on WVSSA and WVU activities. WVU recently added 14 surgeons, and so is now recruiting anesthesiologists. The residency is full. A search for a new department chair is underway.
  • Dr. Skaff reported on the meeting of the ASA Board of Directors last week. After deciding to move from a model of two vice presidents to one chief executive, the national society is now recruiting a CEO. Several high-quality candidates are being interviewed. Other important activities include a new headquarters office building under study, proposed bylaws changes to clarify board responsibilities, workshops for ultrasound-guided regional anesthesia, and best practices for reporting obstetric anesthesia charges. ASA directors decided not to define precisely the term “immedicately available” due to the great variability among anethesia practice sites.  The ASAPAC has presented checks to Reps. Shelly Moore Capito and David McKinley during this election season. Contact Dr. Skaff for any details.
  • Attendees discussed how to best organize  the WVSSA to get more members involved in WVSSA activities. Drs. Grose and Panger, WVSSA president and president-elect, will contact members around the state and explore other ways to organize the society and the annual meeting.  Numerous ideas were discussed at the meeting. Attendees thought that maintaining a close alignment with the state medical association was advantageous. Member education and advocacy were deemed the highest priorities of the society.


 WV anesthesiologists participating in the WVSSA business meeting. (L-R). Drs D. Duesterhoeft, B. Apple, A. Skaff, B. Grose, E. Persily, D. Graf, K. McNeil, M. Panger, S. Cornett.

  • Secretary’s report

Membership                          2012                        (2011)

Active                                              161                                 (187)

Affiliate                                              4                                     (2)

Resident                                            27                                  (26)

Retired                                              17                                  (25)

Total                                      230                       (240)


The ASA Park Ridge office took over dues billing and collecting in January 2012. When members pay their dues, ASA staff collects membership information that they share with us. A difficulty with maintaining a full and accurate roster of WV anesthesiologists is that several hospitals and practices in WV have had considerable turnover this year and are staffed with locum tenens anesthesiologists.

  • Treasurer’s report

Current balances

Checking account (BBT)                         $42,973.89

CD (2.45%, BBT)                                         38,002.31

CD (2.25%, BBT)                                         26,138.52

Total assets                                              $107,114.72

Liabilities                                                   None

Dues collected to date in 2012: $21,449.31 (net proceeds from ASA). Interest earned on CDs through 7/29/2011: $1880.48.

Tax accounting and return was filed by RTannerAssociates, PLLC (Morgantown), with no tax due. Cost of the accounting was $330.75.


  • 2013 Dues approved – same as the past decade

Active – $220.00

Affiliate – $110.00

Resident – $0.00

Retired – $0.00

Honorary- $0.00

  • Policy approvals:

For Legislative Conference: Residents receive a reimbursement for all reasonable   expenses.   Active members receive meeting dues paid, $250, group dinner paid, if they attend the meeting and visit a congressional office.

For ASA Annual Meeting: No payments for individuals to attend.

For ASA Board of Directors Meeting: $500 for the Alternate Director to attend. (Note ASA pays the expenses for the Director.)

For WVSSA Annual Meeting: Outside speakers receive honorarium up to $1000 and two nights at hotel. WV speakers receive no honorarium, some hotel expenses paid. Society pays for a speaker dinner with an officer sponsor.

No compensation or honorariums are provided to WVSSA officers.


  • Expense approvals:

$200 contributions to Anesthesia Patient Safety Foundation and Foundation for Anesthesia Education and Research

Reasonable expenses to sponsor resident presentations at the WVSSA annual meeting.


  • Elections:

Drs. Brian Grose and Michael Panger confirmed for the second year of their two-year terms as WVSSA President and President-elect

Dr. Bob Johnstone as Director for 3 years, to start after Dr. Skaff completes his term

Dr. Dave Graf as Alternate Director (2012-2014)

Drs. Brian Grose and Dave Graf as ASA Delegates (2012-2014)

Dr. Alex Skaff and Michael Panger as ASA Alternate Delegates

  •  Current plans are for Dr. Graf to vote as the Director and Drs. Grose and Johnstone to vote as delegates at the ASA Annual Meeting in October. Dr. Eric Persily will serve as the Alternate Delegate.


  • Drs. Alex Skaff, Michael Panger, Eric Persily and D’Ann Duesterhoeft discussed the importance of ASAPAC contributions, and how to educate WV anesthesiologists about it. So far in 2012 51 WV anesthesiologists have contributed to the ASAPAC.


Saturday dinner photos at the WVSSA annual meeting.





  1. ASA Reception. The WVSSA will again hold a reception for WV anesthesiologists on Saturday evening at the ASA Annual Meeting. This will be 7-9pm on Saturday, October 13 in Room 16 of the Renaissance Hotel in Washington DC.
  2. Newsletters. Find past issues of our Newsletter on the WVSSA website at,

WVSSA officers and their e-address:

President                                   Brian Grose, MD –

President-Elect                 Michael Panger, MD –

Secretary-Treasurer          Robert Johnstone, MD –

Director                            Alex Skaff, MD –

Alternate Director            David Graf, MD –


Robert Johnstone, MD

WVSSA Secretary

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