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  1. ASA Legislative Conference. Drs. Brian Grose, Robert Johnstone, Christina Julian, Michael Panger and Eric Persily will represent West Virginia at the annual ASA Legislative Conference in Washington DC on April 30-May 2. Dr. Panger, the WVSSA President-elect, will also attend the ASA Leadership spokesperson Conference held in conjunction with the conference.
  2. Primary election day is Tuesday, May 8, and early voting starts today. The WVSSA has endorsed Amanda Pasdon and Dan Sizemore for the WV House of Delegates. Find the endorsements on the WVSSA website at, Both Pasdon and Sizemore are closely connected to WVSSA members. The WV State Medical Association has also endorsed both candidates. The WVSMA has endorsed Reps David McKinley and Shelley Moore Capito for re-election to the US House of Representatives, as well as numerous candidates for the WV Supreme Court and other races. Find them at, The WVSSA supports WVSMA endorsements. Remember to vote.
  3. ASAPAC. Congratulations to the WVU resident anesthesiologists. They have again hit a 100 percent contribution rate to the ASA PAC. Seth Crislip, MD, chief resident, calls a PAC contribution “an investment in the future of the specialty”. Crislip will join General Anesthesia Services at Charleston Area Medical Center after finishing his training in June. Below is a list of WVSSA members who have already made 2012 contributions. Contribute online at, Or send a check made out to ASA PAC to Dr. Johnstone, and he will submit the check along with the appropriate paperwork and request a PAC pin for the member. Dr. Grose, WVSSA President, notes that more than 50 percent of WVSSA members contributed to the ASA Political Action Committee during 2011, and our advocacy needs are even greater this election year when so much of the future of healthcare will be decided. Dr. Johnstone comments that a well-dressed member is wearing a PAC pin.

    Bryan Apple

    Mark Bennett

    Robin Bush

    Seth Crislip

    Matthew Ellison

    David Graf

    Jeremy Hensley

    Robert Johnstone

    Jim Kelly

    Carl Lo

    Eric Massey

    John Onglatco

    Daniel Sizemore

    Vince Stonebraker

    Monica Ata

    Michael Bowling

    Kevin Costello

    Susan Dickerson

    Ju Gao

    Adam Green

    Stephen Howell

    Christina Julian

    Arpan Kohli

    Scott Marshall

    Ken McNeil

    Jim Phillips

    Alex Skaff

    Jeremie Walker

    Steve Bader

    Kyle Boyce

    Andrew Criser

    Thomas Douglass

    Derek Golna

    Anne Hackett

    Jeremiah Jeffers

    Sarah Kadhim

    Phillip Legg

    Michael Mascia

    Allison Moriarty

    Drew Rodgers

    Russ Stewart

    Colin Wilson

  4. Blue Cross. Dr. Johnstone met with Highmark Blue Cross officials this week to review their payment policies and communicate the difficulties for West Virginia anesthesiologists of any adoption of Medicare methodology. Attending from Blue Cross were Mark Piaisio, MD (Med Dir, Quality and Medical Performance), Carey Vinson, MD (VP Quality and Medical Performance) and Joyce Landers (Dir Provider Relations). The Blue Cross officials promised to work with anesthesiologists on future developments. Blue Cross is particularly interested in rewarding anesthesiology practices that coordinate surgical care to improve efficiency and eliminate waste. Blue Cross would like to identify anesthesia groups that produce savings and to share the savings with the anesthesiologists. Examples of savings might be reduced lab tests, elimination of unnecessary surgeries, and reduced blood transfusions. They recognized that anesthesiologists work across all surgical specialties and care for patients from preoperative to postoperative stages.
  5. The Virginia Society of Anesthesiologists will hold an educational meeting on Saturday, May 5 in Roanoke, near the WV border. The theme of the meeting is “High Risk Patients for Non-cardiac Surgery”. Find more information on the VSA website at,
  6. Congratulations to the WVU Anesthesiology Residency. The training program recently received notice of renewed accreditation. The majority of the finishing anesthesiologists each year end up practicing in West Virginia.
  7. WVSSA Annual Meeting. The WVSSA will again hold its annual educational and business meeting in conjunction with the WVSMA meeting at the Greenbrier on the weekend of  August 25-26. The preliminary WVSSA educational program is shown below. The meeting is free for all WVSSA members. Members are encouraged to attend the WVSMA meeting too, which starts on Friday morning.

The Greenbrier –Chesapeake Bay Room
August 25, 2012

7:45am Registration
8-8:30 Transfusion Practices 2012
Tony Passannante, MD
8:30-9 Anesthesia Practice Trends: What is changing? What does it mean?
Robert Johnstone, MD
9-9:45 American Society of Anesthesiologists – Update
Arthur Boudreaux, MD
9:45-10 Break
10-10:30 Crystalloid versus Colloid versus Too Much Fluid
Tony Passannante, MD
10:30-11 Organizing an anesthesia practice for quality and efficiency
Arthur Boudreaux, MD
11-11:45 Panel discussion with speakers

Arthur Boudreaux, MD
Clinical Professor and Vice Chair for Quality and Patient Safety,
University of Alabama at Birmingham
Secretary, American Society of Anesthesiologists

Tony Passannante, MD
Professor of Anesthesiology
Vice Chair, Clinical Operations
University of North Carolina

Robert E. Johnstone, MD
Professor of Anesthesiology
West Virginia University

  1. Newsletters. Find past issues of the WVSSA Newsletter at,


2012 WVSSA officers and their e-address:

President/Delegate          Brian Grose, MD –
President-Elect                 Michael Panger, MD –
Secretary-Treasurer        Robert Johnstone, MD –
Director                             Alex Skaff, MD –
Alt Dir/Delegate               David Graf, MD –
Alt Delegate                      Donna Slayton, MD –
Alt Delegate                      Russell Stewart, MD –

Robert Johnstone
Newsletter Editor

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