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  1. WVSSA has made its 2012 contributions to the Anesthesia Patient Safety foundation (APSF) and the Foundation for Anesthesia Education and Research (FAER). WVSSA annually contributes $200 to each foundation on behalf of West Virginia anesthesiologists. Find the APSF acknowledgement at , and the FAER acknowledgement at This is one of many ways that WV anesthesiologists advance the anesthesia care of patients. Contributions are reviewed and set annually at the WVSSA business meeting.
  2. The West Virginia legislature is now in session. Governor Tomblin has introduced legislation to address substance abuse and prescription drug diversion. MaryAnn Cater, DO, a WVSSA member and the WV State Medical Association President, is advising the governor and legislature on this issue. During legislative sessions we must stay alert for the introduction of any bills that could affect the safe practice of anesthesiology. WVSSA members with information or concerns about new legislation should contact WVSSA leaders. Drs. Eric Persily and Alex Skaff lead the WVSSA legislative efforts.
  3. Dr. Cater spent last week at the State Capitol reviewing the WVSMA legislative agenda with key leaders and members of the West Virginia Legislature. Dr. Cater and WVSMA Government Relations Specialist Amy N. Tolliver, MS spoke with the Governor and more than 30 members of the Legislature discussing the legislative initiatives of the Association. Top issues discussed included protecting against a provider tax, addressing substance abuse and prescription drug diversion, enhancing healthcare provider transparency, protecting against scope of practice expansions, expert witness regulation, and regulating the rental network PPO market.
  4. West Virginia Delegate Amanda Pasdon (R, Monongalia) is married to WVSSA member Chris Payne, MD. Del. Pasdon serves on the Health and Human Resources Committee. She is in her first term. Find information about Rep. Pasdon at
  5. Correction. The WVSMA will hold its mid-winter meeting on Friday and Saturday, February 3 and 4. Find information about the meeting at, midwintermtgbro.pdf. The Friday morning start means that few anesthesiologists will be able to attend. We will thus not hold a meeting of anesthesiologists there.
  6. The Medicare Anesthesia conversion factor (CF) for West Virginia for Jan-Feb 2012 is $21.31, nearly the same as the 2011 CF of $21.33. How Congress addresses the Sustainable Growth Rate formula will determine the CF for the remainder of 2012..

2012 WVSSA officers and their e-address:

President/Delegate          Brian Grose, MD –
President-Elect                 Michael Panger, MD –
Secretary-Treasurer        Robert Johnstone, MD –
Director                             Alex Skaff, MD –
Alt Dir/Delegate               David Graf, MD –
Alt Delegate                      Donna Slayton, MD –
Alt Delegate                      Russell Stewart, MD –


Robert Johnstone, MD
WVSSA Secretary



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