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  1. WVSSA held its Annual Education and Business meetings last weekend at The Greenbrier in White Sulfur Springs. The meeting was again held in conjunction with the annual WV State Medical Association Healthcare Summit. Approximately 20 members attended.

a.       Members celebrated the installation of MaryAnn Cater, DO as President of the state medical association. Dr. Cater, a Wheeling anesthesiologist, is the first osteopathic physician to hold this position and the second woman. She presented an outstanding inaugural address, identifying priorities for her administration as attacking the health problems of obesity and drug abuse.

b.       Drs. Robert Johnstone, MaryAnn Cater, Peter Carmel (President, American Medical Association), Alex Skaff at the WVSMA inauguration ceremony.


(L-R) Drs. Robert Johnstone, MaryAnn Cater, Peter Carmel

(President, American Medical Association), Alex Skaff at the

WVSMA inauguration ceremony.


c.       The WVSSA educational session was free for members, awarded 3 hours of CME to attendees, and rated excellent by those present. Members who attended accompanying WVSMA sessions received additional CME credits.

d.      The Greenbrier was filled with notables last weekend, making it a particularly fun weekend. Present were basketball star Jerry West, Senator Joe Manchin, Governor Earl Ray Tomblin, and former Governor Gaston Caperton.

e.       Stu Cornett, MD, outgoing WVSSA president, was honored at an officer and speaker dinner. Cornett practices anesthesiology in Raleigh.

f.       Brian Grose, MD will become the 2012 WVSSA President, and Michael Panger, MD was elected president-elect. Dr. Grose practices in Morgantown, and Dr. Panger in Charleston.

g.      Members discussed practice changes in their institutions and cities. The two largest practices in the state, in Charleston and Morgantown, are currently fully staffed. The two anesthesia practices in Parkersburg are merging.

h.      Alex Skaff, MD, WVSSA member on the ASA Board of Directors, discussed issues from the recent BOD meeting in Chicago. These included the priorities of the ASA Budget ($38 million), an ASA Seal of Quality program for departments, and a proposed educational program to improve the safety of deep sedation administered by non-anesthesiologists.

i.        Dr. Murray Kalish, who practices anesthesiology in Baltimore, attended the WVSSA and WVSMA meetings both as a member of the ASA Board of Directors and the immediate Past President of the Maryland Medical Association.

j.        We plan to hold our annual educational and business meetings again next year at the same time, in conjunction with the WVSMA.


  1. Report of the WVSSA Secretary


a.       Membership:

    Active               185

                   Affiliate                 2

                   Retired               20

                   Resident            20

                   TOTAL             227


b.      The ASA Park Ridge staff will take over WVSSA dues billing and maintenance of the membership roster next year. Members should find this a big help, being able to pay both national and component dues with one check or by credit card.

c.       Website statistics were reviewed. The WVSSA website receives a surprisingly large number of hits every day, from around the country and from outside the US. Find the website at,


  1. Report of the WVSSA Treasurer


a.       Current balances:

                        Checking account (BBT)                 $47,459.45

                        CD (2.45%, BBT)                                  37,090.24

                        CD (2.25%, BBT)                                  25,562.74

                        Total assets                                       $110,112.43


                        Liabilities                                            None


b.      It was noted that most dues payments come in during the first half of the year, and many of the expenses are paid during the second half. Thus the total WVSSA assets may dip below $100,000 by the end of the year, but the Society remains in a strong financial position with no long-term debt.

c.       RTannerAssociates, PLLC of Morgantown filed the WVSSA tax return for last year. No tax was due. Cost of the accounting was $265.20.

d.      Dues for next year will remain the same as this year: $220 for active members, $110 for affiliates, and nothing for residents or retired members

e.      The WVSSA will again contribute $200 next year to both the Foundation for Anesthesia Education and Research, and the Anesthesia Patient Safety Foundation


  1. Many WVSSA members are planning to attend the ASA Annual Meeting in Chicago in October.  All are invited to attend a WVSSA/WVU reception on Saturday at 7PM at the Hyatt Regency Chicago, the headquarters hotel. The reception honors the 50th anniversary of the founding of the anesthesiology department at WVU, as well as the candidacy of Robert Johnstone, MD for ASA First Vice President.
  2. WV currently stands second in the competition for the highest rate of participation in the ASAPAC. It would be very prestigious to win, in addition to helping advance our advocacy efforts. Thanks to the many WVSSA members who have already contributed to the ASAPAC this year. Members who have not yet contributed can do so on line at, Or members can send a check for $100 made out to ASAPAC to the WVSSA Secretary (Robert Johnstone, 369 Lakeview Drive, Morgantown 26508), who will submit it and obtain a PAC button for them.

2012 WVSSA officers and their e-address:

President/Delegate             Brian Grose, MD –

President-Elect                    Michael Panger, MD –

Secretary-Treasurer          Robert Johnstone, MD –

Director                                  Alex Skaff, MD –

Alt Dir/Delegate                  David Graf, MD –

Alt Delegate                          Stuart Cornett, MD –

Alt Delegate                          Russell Stewart, MD –


          Robert Johnstone, MD
WVSSA Secretary

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