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  1. Ten WV anesthesiologists participated in the recent ASA Legislative Conference. They reviewed state and national legislative and regulatory issues, studied solutions, and then called on all five WV congressional offices to educate them. Our anesthesiology delegation was well received. They spent a half-hour personally with Reps Alan Mollohan and Shelly Moore Capito. Rep Nick Rahal was not available (met with his health aide), but met later with Stu Cornett, MD, WVSSA President, in his Beckley office.

    WV anesthesiologists in the office of Sen Rockefeller, meeting with his health aide Gregg S. Margolis, PhD. L-R, Drs Eric Persily, Alex Skaff, Seth Crislip, Ralph Harding, Amanda Deskins, David Graf, Bob Johnstone, Richard Driver, Brian Grose, Gregg Margolis, Stu Cornett.

    The conference theme was “Engage 2010”. This translated into Ensure Fair Payment, Empower Patients, and Expand Access. Details included correcting the 33 percent Medicare payment rate for anesthesiology services, and getting part A Medicare pass-through payments for anesthesiologists in rural areas, similar to what nurse anesthetists now receive. Everyone seemed very receptive, promising to respond to the requests. All agreed to sign on to a letter to HHS Secretary Sebelius to correct misvalued codes, as permitted under the newly passed healthcare reform legislation.

    WV anesthesiologists from the first congressional district meeting with Rep Alan Mollohan in his office

  2. Officers. WVSSA elections were held at this meeting, to comply with ASA requirements, and to confirm the elections held last August. Those elected plan to attend the ASA Board of Directors and House of Delegates meetings, as appropriate. Director, Alternate Director and Delegate terms are three years. WVSSA officers are elected annually, although the President is generally expected to serve for two years.Our officers and their e-address below:
  3. Attached is a list of all WV anesthesiologists who have paid their 2010 dues. Anyone whose name is not on the list should send their dues at this time. WVSSA members are also encouraged to contribute to the ASA PAC and join the Lifeline Campaign.
  4. Annual WVSSA Educational and Business meeting will occur in conjunction with thestate medical association meeting at the Greenbrier on August 28 and 29. anyone wanting to    present a lecture or with suggestions for our educational meeting should contact the WVSSA secretary.
      Dues payments for 2010 have been received from the following:

      K. Scott Allen                        Mark Bennett                         Jessica Benson
      Joe Brula                                Ophelia Cansino                   Philip Casingal
      Alvin Castillo                        John Casto                             Mary Ann Cater
      Fritz-Jose Chandler           Joe Conroy                            Raymond Coombe
      Stuart Cornett                      Antonio Daia                         Alan Dean
      Lemwel Delgra                     Cecilio Delgra                       Antonio Domaoal
      Thomas Douglass               Richard Driver                     John Dudich
      Matthew Ellison                  Dante Geronilla                   David Graf
      John Haid                              Rodney Hall                          William Hall
      Ralph Harding                     Robert Johnstone              Richard Knebel
      Candace McCormick         Ken McNeil                           Michael Mindoza
      Satish Menon                        Ken Nanners                       Timothy Nelson
      Ahmet Ozturk                      Michael Panger                   Kenneth Parker
      Eric Persily                           Vincent Rago                       Palle Reddy
      Nathan Remolona              Francis Saldanha               Jack Shambling
      Lorne Sheren                       David Grant Shy                 Alan Jeffrey Snider
      Michael Sivaprakasam     Alex Skaff                              Donna Slayton
      Vincent Stonebraker        Daniel Thomas                    Richard Vaglienti
      Robert Valenzuela            Robert Westmoreland     Arnold Yosuico
  5. Robert Johnstone, MD
    WVSSA Secretary

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