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  1. WVSSA starts 2010 in a strong position. We have 235 members in our state roster, $98,000 in assets, and a history of success with our advocacy efforts. We have challenges too. With the unknowns of health reform looming, we need all West Virginia anesthesiologists involved in their state and national societies. Many payment and scope of practice issues are decided in state legislative and regulatory offices.
  2. 2010 Wish List
    1. Launch a WVSSA website to improve member communications.
    2. Participation of WV anesthesiologists from around the state in the WVSSA.
    3. All WV members contact their senators and representative when ASA leaders call for it.
    4. All WV anesthesiologists join the ASA and WVSSA, and keep their e-addresses and mail addresses current.
    5. All WV anesthesiologists join the ASA Lifeline Campaign, found on the ASA home page,
    6. All WV anesthesiologists contribute to the ASA Political Action Committee, found in the members-only section of the ASA website.
  3. 2010 Meetings
    1. WVSMA will hold its Annual Business Meeting and Physician Practice Conference in Charleston on Jan 29-31. If enough WVSSA members plan to attend we’ll organize a WVSSA lunch there. Find meeting information at, This meeting unfortunately conflicts with the ASA Practice Management Conference, which many of the WVSSA leaders attend. Find information on the Practice Management Conference at
    2. The ASA Legislative Conference will meet April 26-28 in Washington DC. WVSSA will again send a delegation, hopefully with two or more members from each of the three WV congressional districts. The WVSSA pays the registration fee and provides some financial support for those attending. Members attend lectures on legislative issues and advocacy and then visit the offices of WV’s two senators and three representatives. If interested in attending please notify Dr Johnstone, WVSSA Secretary. Find preliminary meeting information at,
    3. The WVSSA will hold its Annual Meeting in conjunction with the WVSMA Annual Meeting, tentatively August 28-29 at the Greenbrier.
  4. Elections.  WVSSA will elect its officers this year at the ASA Legislative Conference in April. This is to comply with ASA requirements that elections occur at least 3 months before the ASA House of Delegates meeting. Other WVSSA business will occur at the Annual Meeting.
  5. Spokesperson training.  The ASA will again offer special training in dealing with media for people who plan anesthesiology leadership roles. This training will occur on the Sunday before the ASA Legislative Conference. WVSSA will pay for two members to participate. Anyone doing so is expected to also attend the ASA Legislative Conference. If interested please notify Dr Johnstone.
  6. Dues.  WVSSA dues for 2010 of $220 are now due. See the invoice following this newsletter. Make checks payable to West Virginia State Society of Anesthesiologists (or WVSSA), and mail to Robert Johnstone, MD, WVSSA Secretary, WVU Anesthesiology, PO Box 8255, Morgantown, WV 26506.
  7. Officers.  To contact a WVSSA officer use the e-address below:

Robert Johnstone, MD
WVSSA Secretary

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